About our Online Subscriber Program

Welcome! If you are here, it's because some part of you is looking for support with starting, or cultivating, a meditation practice. Here's a little bit of information about our program so you can see if it's something that might work for you.


      • The Hamsa Meditation Center Online Subscriber Program is a treasure trove designed to help you explore, try-out, and practice different types of meditation at your own pace so you can find what works for you.
      • There are over 150 meditations, tutorials, and teachings for you to explore. You will be exposed to meditations from different meditation traditions that comprise the core practices essential for every meditators tool kit.


1.  You will find meditations to:

        • Begin and end your day,
        • Feel calmer, relaxed and sleep easier,
        • Cultivate mindfulness of the present moment and reduce stress,
        • Fill your being with compassion and joy.
        • Enhance your awareness of your true nature.
        • Feel connected to the goodness of life itself.


2.  You will find tutorials to:

        • Teach you specific techniques.
        • Each meditation includes a list of the techniques it uses. Just click on a technique and it will take you to a video tutorial. You never have to wonder if you're doing something correctly. Choose to watch the tutorials first or just dive in to the meditation and follow along as best you can. You can't really do it wrong and there's plenty of time to watch the tutorials afterwards!

3.  You will find "Teachings" to help you integrate and use your meditation in your daily life.

        • Traditionally, teachings are an integral part of a meditation practice because they show you how to use the skills you are learning from sitting in mediation to improve your daily life.
        • For example, the "Coping with Stress" Series of Meditations includes teachings that bring context and depth to the meditations and show you how to apply the techniques in your daily life.
        • Several of the other teachings include delightful "object lessons" to help you grasp the concepts in a clear simple way. May I suggest:
          • Accepting Who I Am
          • Settling The Mind Parts 1 & 2
          • 5 Poisons and their Antidotes
          • Thoughts are Things


My main hope is that you enjoy yourself and have fun exploring what's available for you. Meditation isn't about doing anything perfectly. It's about enjoying the process of discovery. As my Guru always said,

"If there's no joy, there's no do."


Other Online Subscriber perks!

And lastly, as a monthly or annual subscriber, you receive:

      • 15% off all classes and workshops
      • Free admission to several of our annual events.