Author: darceybone

July 15 ~ Week 3

This was a great class!  David talked in depth about how to “read” someone’s personality using the 1st house, the ascendant and the aspects.  It was both fascinating and clarifying.  Enjoy!   

June 24 ~ Week 2

This week’s class includes a fascinating discussion of the current Saturn square Uranus transit which began a 45 year cycle in 1988 as a conjunction. David brings home the meaning of the ongoing “dance” between Saturn and Uranus. 

June 17 ~ Week 1

A really good class! Basically reviewing the karmic forces that each planet represents. Remember what “they” say! It takes at least seven repetitions to actually grasp/hear a new idea. Hearing these again, in the same yet slightly different words, is very beneficial. 

May 20

Video from Week 7. 

May 13

David led a conversation about different types of charts:  Natal, Progressed, Transits.  We discussed planets in retrograde and how they play out over time. We also looked at Joe Biden’s progressed chart for different dates of significance in his life. 

May 6

David led a discussion on a chart sent out to students earlier in the week − diving deep into delineation and what it might mean.   We practiced in small groups with the chart and then discussed it as a large group. 

April 29

Astrology almost from the Beginning – April 29. 

April 21

David discusses the 12 Zodiac Signs.  He provides an in-depth look at the lessons each zodiac sign is trying to teach us. 

April 15

This week we broke into small groups to discuss Joe Biden’s Chart.  Each group then shared what they saw in the chart, and David filled it all in with his interpretations. A fascinating class! Enjoy!   

April 8

David reviewed what we had learned in his previous class–reintroducing us to the planets, signs, houses and aspects.  He also outlined what we can  expect in the next 6 weeks.  Lot’s of good nuggets of information here.  I hope you enjoy!   

February 27 Workshop

Here is the video from Saturday’s workshop. It is all there except the breakout sessions. If you are watching this for the first time, pause the video when you reach the breakout sessions and take a few moments to do the exercises as best you can. Once you return to the video David explains it […]

March 11

Here is the final video from this astrology series!  David goes into more detail about aspects and how they affect a chart and answers lots of relevant questions. There is one last handout so be sure to look for it in the Handouts section above.  Enjoy!    

March 4

Here’s your video for Week 7!  There’s only one video this week. David was busy answering lots of questions and using charts to demonstrate how orbs of influence, rulership/Lord-ship, and aspects work… So we opted not to interrupt his “roll.” The whole thing runs 95 minutes with lots of clarifying info. Enjoy!   

February 25

Lots—as in LOTS—of info in these two videos! Be sure to check out the Q&A for a visual explanation of the “Orbs of Influence” using a natal chart. It’s a nice clarification for visual learners. There are three new handouts you will find under “Class Six” in the CLASS HANDOUTS section above.  

February 18

Here are both Week 5 videos . The Q&A is short but packed with good information.  David discusses how the aspects influence the planets and signs.  Handouts for this week are in the CLASS HANDOUTS section. Have fun discovering how your personal aspects affect your chart!