Darcey Bone

Teaches: Beginning Meditation

Darcey (she/her) is a woman who found her way out of anxiety and depression through mindfulness practices. Her meditation journey has evolved into a spiritual practice that brings her both contentment and opportunities for self-exploration. Darcey has studied with Caren Prentice for four years, and has been meditating for just over five years. Her go-to meditation techniques are the three-part breath, relaxation breath, sipping breath, and e mantra. Her message to would-be meditators is to let go of holding tight to outcomes because life will continue to unfold regardless.

Darcey grew up in Tempe, Arizona, in a small family. She currently lives in Oregon City, Oregon, with her husband and three kids. She loves to cook, sew, paint, craft, watch her kids do what they love, and be near water. She is an animal lover and has always had dogs, including her current pets, Boogie and Moxie. Darcey works as an assistant for Caren.  She and her husband, owns Hillside Chapel, a funeral home in Oregon City.

Darcey’s favorite season is summer.  She loves to cook Italian food, especially spaghetti sauce, which reminds her of her childhood. She enjoys spending time in her meditation room, which is also her office and art room. Lisa’s current favorite song is About Damn Time by Lizzo because it celebrates how hard times shape us and make us who we are. And in case you are curious…she takes her coffee with two stevia and a bit of oat milk.