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5 weeks, January 12 – February 9
Thursdays 5:30 – 7:00pm PT / 7:30pm CT / 8:30pm ET

Online with Caren Prentice

Please note this series is only open to those who participated in the 5 week series: Dreams: Your Magic Mirror.


In Part 1 of our Dream Series we focused on:

  • How to remember your dreams.
  • The value of dreams.
  • The importance of enjoying your life.
  • Keeping a Dream Journal

Now that you have gathered the data needed to begin interpreting your dreams, in Dreams 2.0 we will focus on learning and deciphering the language of your dreams—your personal dream symbols.

In Dreams 2.0 we will cover:

  1. How to analyze and make use of all the valuable data in your Dream Journal–even if you think there’s nothing there!
  2. Distinguishing if a dream is a:
    • Clearing the Decks dream.
    • Solving a Problem dream.
    • Karma Precipitating dream.
    • Reverse Learning or Warning dream.
    • Prophetic dream.
    • Evolution dream.
  3. How to analyze and interpret your dreams!
  4. How to analyze and interpret other people’s dreams.
  5. The beginning steps of Lucid Dreaming and why it’s a valuable spiritual tool.

This five week series will also go deeper into:

  • Using your dreams to neutralize your fears.
  • Understanding the karmic messages and patterns hidden in your dreams.
  • How to capture the creative solutions and insights contained in your dreams.

Location: ZOOM