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5 weeks, October 20 – November 17
Thursdays 5:30 – 7:00pm PT / 7:30pm CT / 8:30pm ET

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The cost for this class will increase to $195  after October 14 to accommodate expedited shipping costs for the journal

Online with Caren Prentice


Dreams are a highly effective ‘tool’ to help you evolve mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychically.  Learning how to understand and decode your dreams gives you accurate insight into what’s going on within your conscious and subconscious minds. Or more specifically, your dreams show you exactly what you are:

  • Afraid of,
  • Avoiding,
  • Struggling with,
  • Needing to resolve and balance.

As you become more balanced and aware, dreams also:

  • Show you what you are good at, 
  • Validate where you are growing, succeeding, and evolving, 
  • Help you solve problems the logical mind can’t seem to penetrate, 
  • Foretell the karma coming your way.

This five week series will teach you:

  • What dreams are.
  • How dreams form.
  • A method to remember and record your dreams.

You will also learn a proven method to help you discover the language of your dream symbols.
Knowing your dream symbols will allow you to:

  • Interpret your dreams.
  • Use your dreams to neutralize your fears.
  • Understand the karmic messages hidden in your dreams.
  • Capture the creative solutions and insights contained in your dreams. 

“But I don’t dream,” some of you may be thinking. Just because you don’t remember your dreams doesn’t mean you don’t dream. Everyone dreams. Scientists have proven what mystics have always known—dreams are essential to your mental and emotional well-being. What mystics also know, is that decoding the language of your dreams is pivotal to your spiritual and psychic development.


Registration includes a spiral bound Meditation Momma journal—perfect for recording your dreams!

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Location: ZOOM