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How to Break Free, REALLY Change ~ And Make it Stick!

Saturdays, April 15, 22 & 29
8:30–10:30am PT / 10:30 CT / 11:30 ET
Saturday May 13, May 27 & June 10
8:30- 10:00am PT / 10:30 CT / 11:30 ET


Online using Zoom
Caren Prentice



What if I told you the reason you struggle to make certain changes in your life is NOT because you:

  • Lack willpower or discipline.
  • Are defective or a failure.

What if I told you the real reason you struggle with certain kinds of change is because you have a highly developed, amazingly sophisticated, beautiful and intelligent part of your mind that has one, and only one clear purpose:

To protect you from any change it perceives as threatening to YOU!

This helps makes sense of the dynamic we all know so well. You know the one where you;

  • Commit to change,
  • Resolve to change,
  • Buy the books, clothes, and devices to help you change.

Only to find yourself—after a day, a week or a month—doing the same old same old and the book ends up on a shelf, the clothes sit in the drawer, and the devices sit around unused and collecting dust.

Here’s what’s important to understand. This part of your mind that is trying to protect you knows you want to: lose weight, exercise more, not feel anxious, be less stressed, be kinder, not lose your temper, get over your fears, be present… 

BUT it also knows what you’re truly afraid of and what really hurts you. So no matter how strong your conscious mind’s commitment or resolve to change, this corner of your sub-conscious mind will sabotage any plans it perceives as threatening—even though it is most likely basing its threat assessments on old outdated information—and until you prove to it that you will be safe, it’s not budging. 

For sustainable lasting change to happen two things are necessary:

  1. Identify the threat. 
  2. Prove you are safe. 

This workshop will teach you a technique—a step by step system developed by ©Minds at Work—that will help you gently and systematically identify the perceived threat by uncovering the limiting beliefs and assumptions that are are holding you back. And then it gives you a systematic, safe and gentle way to prove to your self that you are safe.

Once your mind knows you are safe, change happens naturally.

This is a proven, highly effective process that will break you free of the patterns of behavior that sabotage your ability to change. If you have patterns of thought and behavior that you can’t seem to shift, and you are ready to create lasting change in your life, this workshop is for you!


Each attendee will have access to a permanent Course Page where we will post all the class recordings and handouts. 

Location: Online