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The Meditator’s Path: A New Way Forward

August 3 – 6
Thursday 5:30pm – Sunday 2:00pm

with  Caren Prentice
and Wayne Marto for the Gong Meditation Sound Bath

Alton L Collins Retreat Center

Single Occupancy $895
Double Occupancy $720


Summer Men’s Retreat 2023 Schedule
MENS Retreat 2023 General Info
Directions to Alton Collins


This weekend is for YOU!

It’s rough out there for men. It may not be a felony to be a man, but it can feel like it in today’s culture—which is what prompted this retreat. Men asking for a chance to be with other men in a safe place where you won’t be judged, or scolded, or shamed, or blamed for everything that’s wrong with the world. And your relationships.

It’s so confusing right now. The old paradigm is crumbling quickly and yet there’s no clear path forward. This retreat is a chance to remind you, “who you really are,” and help you gain some clarity so you can show up for this unique moment in human evolution and shape the path forward with wisdom, compassion, and skillful means.

The world needs you. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, or Gen Z, you are needed to help answer questions like these:

  • How do we transcend what we were taught by culture, religion, society and the media, with empathy for our younger selves?
  • How do we relate to men—and women—now that we know more about the negative consequences of the ways we learned to behave?
  • Even if we may not be responsible for what has gone before, what responsibilities do we have in making the necessary changes to our roles in society?

And here’s the thing…

No-one has done this before. Ever. You are in uncharted, unknown territory. There are no role models. There is no map. There aren’t even any paths. This retreat is offering you a different kind of compass, It’s called: The Meditator’s Path: A New Way Forward

Your purpose here requires a new set of skills.


This Men’s Retreat is designed to introduce you to those skills. We’ll be working with: Mantra, Mindfulness, Guided Visualization, Yoga Nidra and Kriyas. Plus treating you to a fabulous Gong Meditation, that will bathe you in healing sound.

Or to put it more simply, this retreat will give you the skills you need to deal with your own shit. Hold space for other’s shit. And give people space when they are giving you shit.

Interspersed liberally throughout the retreat will be teachings and discussions to introduce you to:

  • The Laws of Karma: Personal and Group Karma
  • Upaya: Skillful Means
  • LoJong: Mind Training using slogans for contemplation

Meditators are really good at recognizing what no longer serves them and figuring out how and what to do differently so they can be happier and more content. We meditators have tools and techniques to help us become aware of the habits in our thoughts, reactions, and actions. We have teachings, meditations, and practices that help us discover: a new way of being. It’s not the easy path but, it will free you to live without guilt, shame, anger, and blame. It frees you to live a life that is unapologetically authentic.

This retreat will help you find your wholeness and remind you of your true nature—the part of you that is eternally wise, compassionate, equanimous and connected mind and heart.

May you be blessed with the courage to be the creative adventurer the world needs now.

Escape to a beautiful secluded retreat center surrounded by giant firs and cedars. Leave the distractions of your daily life far, far away.  Settle into a few precious days unencumbered by your ‘everyday responsibilities’ and let someone else cook the meals, plan the activities, and give you space to nurture your soul. Discover the transformative power of retreat. Especially this very special Men’s retreat!


Beginning Meditators welcome.  Experienced Meditators encouraged.
Space is limited. Reserve your spot!
I hope you can join us!

If you’ve never attended a retreat before, let me assure you we are a friendly, easy going group that is also introvert friendly. Meditation isn’t exactly an extroverted activity, after all! It’s important to us that you are comfortable so we have lots of seating options for different body needs. You will have time for silence and reflection, relaxation and meditation, teaching and laughter, connection and discussion, —with lots of breaks to enjoy chocolate, snacks, and the beautiful outdoors.

Our retreats are about healing ourselves. No blame. No shame. No victims. No apologies. They are about finding your unique wholeness so you can be:

        • comfortable in your own skin,
        • authentically and unapologetically you,
        • free of guilt, shame and fear,
        • happy and content.

But most of all, there will be the experience of deep connection with your Self and with other men in a safe non-judgmental, accepting space where you will be appreciated and valued just as you are.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now!

Room Rates

Room rates listed below are per person and include three nights lodging with private bath, towels, linens, and nine incredibly delicious meals.*

Single Occupancy $895
Double Occupancy $720

Payment Plans:*
Single $399   at registration, April 30 – $253,   June 14 – $253
Double $350 at registration, April 30 – $190,   June 14 – $190
*Please note, payment plans are not eligible for the early bird discount.

Contact us with any questions.

*Prices at Alton Collins have increased, and we have had to adapt our pricing accordingly. We’ve kept our new price as low as possible to enable as many of you to attend as possible.

Coupons and Discount Codes are not available for Retreats.

Cancellation Policy

We know ‘stuff’ happens so here’s our cancellation policy. 

        • Cancel before March 1, receive a full refund.
        • Cancel between March 1 and March 31, receive a 70% refund.
        • Cancel between April 1 and June 15, receive a 50% refund.
        • No refunds after June 15.

If we have to cancel for Covid, weather or any other reason, you will receive a full refund.


We do everything we can to keep the price of our retreats affordable. To this end we price retreats to reflect our direct costs without any additional cost for Caren’s time and teaching. At the close of the retreat you will have the opportunity to give Dana—a donation/love offering—directly to Caren for the teachings you received during the retreat. Learn more about Dana as a spiritual practice.




Location: Alton L. Collins Retreat Center