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YOGA: FIND YOUR SEAT ~ Supporting Stability and Ease in Meditation

4 weeks, September 24 – October 15
Saturdays 8:30–9:45 am PT / 10:30 CT / 11:30 ET

Online with Agnieszka (Mishka) Miskiewicz

Yoga for Meditators!

Comfort is a priority in any meditation posture. If the body is uncomfortable, it becomes a distraction. Yoga poses (asanas) help to build strength and flexibility in the physical body to promote ease in seated meditation. Asana practice also prepares the subtle body for meditation by clearing our pranic channels through stretching, twisting and strengthening. By freeing trapped pranic energy, asana helps clear and settle our mind.

In this class you will explore different yoga poses to prepare the body to sit in meditation—whether your personal practice has you sitting on a chair or on the floor—by building strength, flexibility and resiliency, letting you sit comfortably for longer and breathe “deeper”.

All experience levels are welcome! 
Poses are always adjusted to accommodate your body’s needs and limitations.  However, participants in this class will want to be able to go from a chair to lying on the floor and back to a chair. If you have questions whether this class is right for you, please email:  Agnieszka is happy to talk with you about it.



  • access to a wall/closed door
  • 2 yoga, or thin-ish, blankets
  • 2 yoga blocks or thick books
  • yoga mat or carpeted floor
  • yoga strap or long bathrobe tie
  • chair

If you don’t have these exact items, don’t let that stop you from joining us. Agnieszka will suggest other everyday items that will also work.


How to participate online:

  • The zoom link will be emailed to you about a week before class begins. We will also email it to you 30 minutes before each class.
  • If for some reason you don’t get your confirmation email, please notify us as quickly as possible at

Location: ZOOM