Sarah Colarchik

Teaches: Beginning Meditation   

Sarah discovered meditation in 2005 when she opened a Wellness Center that included her Massage Practice, a yoga studio where she could teach yoga, and also provided a place for others to teach. This is where she and Caren first met. Caren was her yoga student and eventually asked if she could teach beginning meditation classes in the studio. Today they have come full circle and Sarah is now a graduate of the Hamsa Meditation Teaching Training and teaching beginning meditation classes at Caren’s Meditation Center.

During her years as an entrepreneur, Sarah struggled to balance running her business while maintaining a healthy home life. She was torn by the complications that inevitably come with trying to balance family and work—it seemed they were always people and situations asking for more than she could give.

For several years Sarah searched to find an answer to help resolve her feelings of anxiety and helplessness. Mindfulness and Meditation are what finally helped her find herself again—the self that laughs, loves, and helps others.  The teachings and techniques she has learned continue to remind her, in her words, “of who I am, how to center, and how to navigate this wonderful yet crazy existence.”

Sarah is a long time meditator and yoga instructor. She’s been teaching yoga for over twenty years and as a graduate of the Hamsa Meditation Teacher Training is now teaching our Beginning Meditation classes. Her years of teaching experience combined with a deep caring for her students and a joyous way of explaining difficult concepts, make her an excellent, and beautifully pragmatic, down to earth teacher.