2021 Meditation Teacher Training
March – November 2021

200 Hours ~ Online, In-person via Zoom


I’m delighted to offer the Hamsa Meditation Teacher Training Program to those of you interested in deepening your own meditation practice, learning more about meditation, and, of course, how to teach meditation.

I invite you to scroll through this page to learn about our uniquely personal Meditation Teacher Training Program. Most programs these days consist of pre-recorded content that you watch on your own. There's nothing wrong with this approach and it works great for many people.


What's unique about our Teacher Training?


Over 160 of your 200 hours is spent training, studying, practicing and meditating with me, and select teachers, in person!


Now if that sounds horrifying to you, if you prefer the anonymity of pre-recorded content, then this obviously isn't the program for you so keep looking, you will find one that works for you!

However, if the opportunity to ask questions, discuss what you're learning, and be in a small program that will address how you can use meditation to fit your unique needs and beliefs, then this program might be an awesome fit for you. If the chance to share your personal insights and experiences with others who are genuinely interested in what you have to say sounds like a dream come true, then:

  1. Be sure to check out our Welcome Page to learn about Hamsa Meditation Center and the kinds of meditation we teach.

  2. Scroll through this page.

  3. Apply!

Whether you choose to teach by leading classes and workshops or by simply being an authentic, non-judgmental, wise, loving presence in your home, workplace or community... know this,

The world needs you!


Buddha was asked

Closing Thoughts ...

My guru often said to me,

"Caren, if you want to learn about meditation, teach!"

And, he was right! What I've learned about meditation over these years has transformed me,  my relationships, and my life.

If what you’ve seen here resonates with you, I would be honored to share all that my teachers have taught me, with you.


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