Welcome to the Hamsa Meditation Center!

We do meditation—and only meditation!

We’ve created a clean, beautiful space specifically for meditation. We’ve filled it with comfy, comfy chairs—for all you chair-sitters—and a lovely assortment of cushions, blankets, and backjacks for all you floor-sitters. We want your body to be comfortable!

We’re not trying to sell you on any religion or particular philosophy of meditation. We have a strong background in Yogic, Buddhist, Christian and Mindfulness based practices and we love what science is bringing to the table. We are inquisitive, curious, easy going and open-minded. And we’re happy to share what we’ve learned.

We offer different approaches to meditation so you can find the style of meditation that works best for your body, your mind, your lifestyle, and your personality.

Our goal is to help you experience the transformational power of meditation. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, whether you are looking to feel less stressed or to experience full on samadhi, we’ve got something for you.

We’re known as, “The Happy Meditation Group,” which delights us and makes us laugh even more. We love meditation and the transformation it’s brought to our lives. For many of us, meditating feels like coming home.

If any of this resonates with you, we’d love to have you come by and mediate with us. It just might feel like coming home!

About our name:

Hamsa Meditation Center

We love the symbolism of the Hamsa—a swan or goose—that knows how to migrate home. In meditation, we learn how to migrate home—to that place within each of us where we are calm, wise, peaceful, content, blissful, happy and aware of our connection and oneness with all.

Hamsa Meditation Center
1107 7th Street
Oregon City, OR 97045