Author: Lisa Gray

Week 1

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Resurrection Breath: 2:16 min

Benefits: Builds awareness of the present moment. Trains us to release what no longer serves us and breathe into a new beginning.

Holly Bamber

Teaches: Mindful Monkeys  Holly learned to meditate with her father at a young age growing up in Western Washington but didn’t return to a consistent practice until later in life when she began Caren’s, “Meditation for Moms” class. Soon after, it was clear to her that she wanted to offer the same benefits she got […]

Heather Bush

Teaches Mindfulness for High School and Middle School Teens.    After spending thirty years in Phoenix, in 2018 my family decided to trade the Desert for the green of Oregon! Nature, especially the Oregon forests, give me peace and serenity, and keep me grounded in times of stress. Other than meditating, I enjoy reading, running, […]

Caren Prentice

Founder, Teacher, Teacher Trainer I began meditating in 1972 and although it made me feel better, I struggled to establish a consistent meditation practice.  Each year my new year’s resolutions included “Meditate!” in the top three (vying with lose weight and exercise for #1). During the 80’s and 90’s as I juggled career, family, and eventually became […]