Winter Solstice Meditation

Saturday Dec. 18, 4:00-6:30pm PT
6pm CT | 7:00pm ET

In person and on zoom


Part workshop. Part Meditation. This is your chance to retreat into a quiet, reflective state of mind.   

Part 1:  Bring closure to 2021
Part 2: Set a clear and focused course for 2022
Part 3: Begin Again

Hamsa Meditation Center

It is our joy to offer a diverse selection of classes, group meditations, workshops, and retreats, to support aspiring meditators of all ages. We also have a Meditation Immersion Program for advanced practitioners.

Hamsa meditators:

  • Become calmer, wiser, and less stressed.
  • Get along better with the people in their lives.
  • Feel more connected and content.

Meditate Online

Designed specifically for Caren’s students, the online subscription program:

  • Complements both online and in-person classes.
  • Offers a full library of techniques and meditations,
  • Gives discounts on classes and workshops